WhatsCall is now RingCredible!



Cheap calls all over the world

We're excited to announce that WhatsCall has joined RingCredible, one of the most popular mobile VoIP Apps and the #1 Travel App worldwide. 

By joining RingCredible, WhatsCall users will get a higher quality, more reliable and cheaper calls via the new RingCredible app. You will enjoy better rates, no more battery drain and 75% less data usage!

Don't wait too long, on May 22nd the WhatsCall app will stop working. If you download the RingCredible app your remaining credit will be transferred automatically.

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Smooth Transition

To ensure a smooth transition just follow the easy step below and we will automatically migrate your WhatsCall account to RingCredible, along with your calling balance.



All you need to do is

  1. Download the RingCredible App.
  2. Press "Login".
  3. Request a new password for your phone number.

That's it! it's that simple!

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